New Items Coming This Year

     There are quite a few things that will be changing this year.  Most noticeable would be the attractions will be getting themes and backstories. The House will now be Sam Hain’s Nightmare House, The Hotel will become Lizzie Borden’s Dead and Breakfast, The Cemetery will now be Baron Samedi’s Cemetery of the Damned and last but not least The Factory is getting an overhaul and will not be St. Adrian’s Outbreak Hospital.  All of the houses will feature accouterments that will involve that attractions main character.  There will also be a layout redesign of the old factory so about 30% of that attraction will be redesigned.  The rest will be redecorated and re-themed into the outbreak hospital.

     There will also be a number of changes to how customer flow will work.  Customers will no longer have tickets that constantly get lost and will be wearing theme park bands.  Ticket takers will now be marking on the bands to indicate entry to each attraction.  New kiosks for ticket takers are being developed that will track time automatically for you so there will no longer be a need for stopwatches and should improve flow times.  We are also adopting a new open festival area design that will allow customers to visit each of our attractions in whatever order that they wish.  We will have refreshments, games and entertainment for them to do in the expanded festival area.  We will need more staff to run events in the festival area so there will be many more non-scary dude jobs available this year.

  I also have to give a big shout out to Bary, Sarah, Kenny, Krysta, Brian, Chris and Nicholas for kicking butt with all the tear down and trash removal.  Its not fun work but the help is much appreciated.